Vithaikkaran Movie Review


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Vithaikkaran Movie Review

Actor Sathish tries something different from his usual comedy roles in the movie Vithaikkaran. He plays a magician in this thriller with funny parts.

The story is about a magician who’s wrongly accused of stealing a diamond. He faces challenges but manages to overcome them. The movie mixes comedy with serious moments, but the storytelling isn’t consistent throughout. While the comedy works well, the serious parts, like the heist and emotional scenes, could be better.

Sathish does a good job in his role, showing he can handle different genres. Anand Raj also does well, but the rest of the cast doesn’t shine.

The movie could have been better with stronger writing and cooler scenes. Overall, it’s an okay entertainer.

Conclusion: Sathish is good in this decent heist movie!


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